Private Office

Project Details

Location: Ljubljana, SI
Category: Office Space
Area: 10 sqm
Project Year: 2019
Client: FAUST Povezave
Status: Under construction

Project Team:
TjaĊĦa Plavec, m.i.a.
Matic Mohar, m.i.a.

Project Brief

True to the client’s wishes, we designed a micro office featuring all custom-made furniture, encompassing every detail, from the boss table to the director’s chair. Inspired by an idea a man’s cave represents, we combined it with a touch of class that a corporate office should include.

The office itself is located in a complex surrounding, being both arched with hundred-year-old handmade brickwork and with a small yet vital window, through which every morning the sunrays gently pierce through and warm up the entire space.

The client’s special requirements included an optional second sitting area, a resting area and the highest level of security. Making sure not to put too much pressure on the area given to work with, we decide to create a unique table design that enables the spare chair to be incorporated as part of the table’s design in such a way as to make the possibility of a separation virtually invisible.

Another challenge we were faced with whilst preparing the perfect atmosphere for the broody yet gentleman-appropriate office was the incorporation of a resting area. What was considered the most efficient was to place the resting futon as close to the sun rays as possible. The client’s crazy schedule requires him to sleep on basically any given time frame available, therefore his wishes for the area were also to become a calm zone, perhaps an inviting corner to take those well-deserved couples of minutes to just simply pause. To sit by the window, seek some clarity and breathe. Now, are we all in need of such a place from time to time?

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