Location:  Ljubljana, SI
Category: Residential
Area: 150 m2
Year: 2021
Client: Privat
Status: Under construction
Tjaša Plavec, m.i.a.
Matic Mohar, m.i.a.
Urška Uršič, abs. arh.


With the moving out of their adult daughter, a family of four entered a new family period. Prior to moving into a fully equipped apartment, they did not pay too much attention to the characteristic style of the space, and in view of new needs and circumstances, they now decided to completely renovate their duplex apartment.

The current condition of the apartment was heavy and crowded due to its fragmentation and furniture arrangement. 150m2 of floor space was stuffed due to the spatial style, which did not suit its new users.

By reducing the need for additional bedroom space, the ground floor was partialy released, and with the relocation of the kitchen and the reorganization of the living space, the space breathed in all its squares. We additionally closed the unnecessary loggia and created an additional leisure corner for a morning coffe at its expense, which opens with its corner window towards Golovec hill and brings additional daylight into the space.

The redesign of the staircase allows better flow through the space, and at the same time, a new electric fireplace is integrated into the staircase arm, which can be experienced from all sides of the apartment.

Previously, the renovated kitchen space became a private place to work from home, which can be further separated from the rest of the ambiance by sliding walls, if necessary. The new location of the kitchen allows it enough workspace even for the biggest culinary moves. The central space for socializing for the family is the dining table, which is placed in the central position of the living room. It is surrounded by a book wall with angled pages that create a subtle dynamic of perceiving precious travel memories and selected collector’s books.

On the first floor, the extension of the staircase is rearranged to make better use of space. With a small intervention in the stair structure, the usable area of ​​the bathroom is increased by 30%; the newly thought-out intervention enables the installation of a shower with a channel, and at the same time the sanitary elements are moved so that there is enough storage space in the room for all needs. The master bedroom, which has been moved from the ground floor to the first floor, is being renovated to connect with the green terrace and becomes pleasant heaven for light sleep.

The renovation envisages the use of light tones of wood in combination with unique textures and patterns in light white tones that coexist with shades of olive and burgundy in a fresh and charismatic new space with the energy of freshness and openness.

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