House U

Project Details

Location: Mirna, SI
Category: Residential
Area: 320 sqm
Project Year: 2019
Client: Private Client
Status: Under construction

Project Team:
Tjaša Plavec, m.i.a.
Matic Mohar, m.i.a.
Natasya Handajuwana, B.A.
Francesco Zonca, B.A.
Katja Orehek, štud. arh.

House U

Project Brief

Once a typical Slovenian house, a home for up to three generations, now a sizeable portion of real estate. 320 square meters spread on three floors, with another 800 around the house, just enough space for a modest Olympic sized pool and a place to put your standard-sized BBQ.

Luckily the clients knew how to use such a space. The wife and husband decided to go all-in and create an absolutely spectacular new nest utilizing a party room that opens up on the green foyer and allows the vast private garden to emerge inside of the ground area and breathe as a whole. One floor above the privacy of the house is interrupted with a connection to the street and the entrance is guarded by scenery from the desert. A nice little fountain in the spirit of Feng-Shui is flowing directly from the roof of the attached garage is creating a peaceful environment for the by-walkers.

The two large marble walls are representable and monumental, providing the house with stability and security. Behind one of the marble walls hides a grand entrance to the house with leads either to the living area of the house or straight to the elevator in case you wish to instantly travel to either a party room one story below or to a private study above. The highest floor isn’t only a place for a study and a library, it also holds one of the best private cinema rooms on the north side and on the opposite side a lavish bedroom with a king-size bed oriented exactly towards east. A proper good-morning after a good Netflix evening.

The modern juxtaposition of the furniture and interior design is enriched only by a touch of contemporary art and pieces of their own private collection.

House U
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