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Sitting at the top of the hill, claiming a magnificent overlook of the city; a short walk from the Main Square filled with epicurean retailers, cafes with live music, restaurants and the lush green enclave of Dolenjski muzej Gardens, this three level, 12 apartment building, is an newly designed vertical community and an extraordinary example of PAM Lte’s commitment to contributing spaces of living to the city called Novo mesto (“New City”).

Project Details

Location: Novo mesto, SI
Category: Residential Architecture
Area: 68 sqm
Project Year: 2017
Client: PAM Lte
Status: Completed

Project Brief

Here, Atelier Abroads philosophy of practicing architecture as a living form is palpable.

“Architecture should be honest and alluring. As designers, we’re sensitive to the evolving needs of inhabitants. We believe architecture is a sensitive, spatial practice from which one should experience comfort and excitement.”

The flooring is two-fold, creating a pathway through the apartment, designed to deliver both form and function. It enhances the apartment’s spatial functions by creating division, whilst acting as a navigating system.

AAB’s judicious selection of textured and high-quality materials and finishes has created tactile living space with seductive aesthetic qualities. Natural stone on the path and fine wooden flooring in the areas of sojourn achieve a harmonious and polished finish. Clever storage solutions are intuitively designed and made to maximize living space.

AAB continues to be inspired by the ever-developing social and urban structures of Novo mesto. This, partnered with PAM Lte has resulted in various residential developments in which functionality nurtures connection and inhabitants well being.

Text description provided by the architects. A carefully considered collaboration between engineering developer PAM Lte, architecture practice Atelier Abroad (AAb) finds a respectful equilibrium amongst the storied architecture of one of Novo mesto’s oldest suburbs.

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