Let’s make 2022 our way



under- »among, in the presence of« (Old English)1

stand- »to exist, be present« (attested from c. 1300)1

There is a thin line between copying a style and creating one- thin, yet clear and profound.

The line divides evolving from the existing knowledge and prospering from stagnating and merely repeating some existing patterns without understanding reasons behind them.

It is a difference between drafting a house and creating a home.

In forming architecture (if not in just about anything else in life) we must then always pursue to understand, or »to be among the presence of present«– with our mind, hand and heart. In so we can grow and evolve and more, much more than this, we can do it our way.

“Understanding so, is that bridge across the thin line.

To find it takes time, skill and utmost the will-

the wish, the drive to understand                                         

to be understood

to find the same path and walk it to the finish line

like masters.”

1 Source from: https://www.etymonline.com/word/understand

At AAb we vow to create those bridges to be able to create masterful and meaningful architecture for our clients and the community.

Let’s walk in the 2022 being present, with a purpose to achieve mastery and bring prosperity to all aspects of our lives.

Let’s make 2022 our way!

Seasons Greetings,

Warmly, T. Plavec, M. Arch.