Atelier Workshops

In Atelier Abroad, we believe that architecture belongs to the people it serves. To achieve the true expression of architectural work, we must first learn about the users’ needs and requirements, and the conditions of the space on a larger scale. We are driven to understand first and create second.

When dealing with complex architectural and urban questions, we believe our answers will be more profound by understanding the vast extent of architectural influence and the varieties of design through cultures. 

With this in mind, we are inspired to bring together architectural minds from different parts of the world to discuss the social problems of the cities the workshops are held at.

Our Workshops provide a melting pot of cultural and continental thoughts and challenge us all on a week of in-depth analysis and research that brings thoughtful, daring, and innovative solutions.

This summer, we are hosting a week-long workshop in Ljubljana, named Atelier Emona; Ljubljana origin settlement name in Roman times.

Atelier Emona Workshops aim to gather young architecture minds across the world to dive into the question of the future of TGH-48.

TGH-48 is a notorious garage building by Savin Sever, one of the leading architects of the Slovenian modern movement. Originally designed as a garage space, it is now abandoned and is slowly degrading. Interior height and ramps are not appropriate for bigger, modern cars. Due to its specific shape of two combined cylinders and cultural heritage status, it poses a multi-layered question as to how to approach its renovation.

During the workshop, we will learn about the history of the building, the architect, and the nearby program that surrounds TGH-48. We aim to propose a new program and purpose for the existing building.

We are inviting all architects from across the globe that share our belief in the importance of architectural discussions from different backgrounds to learn about Slovenian architecture, and modernistic movement and provide Ljubljana with a variety of solutions for the reconstruction of cultural heritage structures. How cultural heritage limits, protects, and merges with new architectural movements.

We hosted such an event last November in Bali, where we brought together architectural minds from nine different countries and we dug deep into Indonesian architecture, its philosophy, and spiritual influence. Our time together is reminded by creating genuine connections with architects and learning the value of coming together to seek solutions that would truly serve future users.